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Our duty only begins when we leave active service!

Click here for "The Pledge of Allegiance"

Door County veteran organizations need your support.

Please click here to learn more about veteran services in Door County!

Also: Go to www.thumbsupacrossamerica.com and get involved.


Our Door County Veteran Posts need your support - Join today!

Call our County Veteran Service Officer (CVSO) at: 920-746-2225

Richard Woldt – Past Commander VFW Post 8337 Liberty Grove, Wisconsin

What do veterans want for Christmas? In ‘69, we wanted to make it home to Door County, or at least know while we were deployed there were field tested vets holding down the fort at home. We wanted to know veterans from WWII and Korea would be waiting at the bridge to help us readjust to the real world, and at hospitals to bind our wounds, mend our emotions, and if worse got to worse hold vigils for our missing and memorials for those killed in action (KIA). We somehow knew that it was only mission savvy vets who’d walked-the-walk so they could talk-the-talk that could understand the guilt we felt leaving comrades behind in harm’s way. The needs of veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan are no different today than for us returning from Vietnam 44 years ago. To paraphrase Col. Jessup in “A few good men;” Door County wants veterans guarding the Door. We need veterans supporting our troops!”         

Fortunately, in ’69, we had Veterans of Foreign War (VFW), American Legion (AL) and AMVET posts, the Marine Corp Detachment, and County Veteran Service officers standing mission ready to support us 24/7, 365 days a year. We have those same assets standing mission ready today to meet the needs of veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.   

Unfortunately, with the passing of WWII, Korean, and Vietnam vets, post’ memberships have sunk to critical levels, making post’ deployments difficult and at times too slow to meet the growing needs of vets returning home from overseas. It only gets worse!

Up and until the end of the Korean War, 73% of Washington’s elected officials were veterans. Today only 10% are veterans; and, it’s showing on our battle fields. Google “Rules of engagement Afghanistan 2009” and read battle field reports that’ll make you sick. While during the Vietnam War you heard, “Hey Hey, LBJ; How many boys did you kill today?” Today, we’re asking, “Who authorized the “Stand-down” orders in Benghazi? And, why do solders in Afghanistan have to first hear a shot before they can lock and load? Washington’s track record for supporting veterans at home isn’t much better. During the past year we’ve had to deploy a veteran’ march on Washington in order to secure our military tuition reimbursements and preserve the status of the Purple Heart.

So what do veterans want and need for Christmas? The need "veteran strong" VFW, AL, AMVET posts and a Marine Corp Detachment standing mission ready to support our troops. With the war on terror not won, battles yet to be fought, solders in harm's way, and our boarders not yet secured; now is not the time to retreat.

Now is the time for "all veterans" to stand and fight. It's an easy mission to join. All veterans need to do is email Door Country Veterans Service Officer, Scott McFarlane at smcfarlane@co.door.wi.us or call him at 920-746-2225 for a briefing they'll never regret.

There is little doubt, if we don't aggressively recruit new members for all Door County veteran organizations, we're eventually going to lose our ability to stand our post, safeguard veteran benefits already promised, and support our troops returning to civilian life. With battles yet to be won, boarders yet to be secured, and veterans yet to be backed, now's not the time to let down our guard. 

Allow me to suggest: Families, go together and purchase a life time membership in one of our three VFW posts for your solder returning from combat. For your marine; purchase a life time membership in our Marine Corp Detachment. And don't forget those who qualify to belong to AMVET post 51 or one of our four American Legion posts. If you want to know when and where Door County Veteran organizations meet: Click here



The origin of the “Battlefield Cross”


 The origin of the “Battlefield Cross” dates back to before the Civil War, to a time when fallen soldiers, in the heat of battle, were buried on the battlefield. The fallen soldier’s rifle with bayonet attached would be stuck at the head of the grave and their helmet placed on top to identify the soldier. After the battle was won, their comrades in arms would return and conduct what’s now become the traditional graveside service, to include placing a makeshift headstone and flag to mark the grave, firing a “three-shot” volley over the grave, and starting during the Civil War, the playing of Taps.

The origins of “Taps,” dates back to the Civil War: In July 1862, U.S. General Daniel Butterfield and his brigade were camped at Harrison’s Landing, Virginia, recuperating after the Seven Days Battles near Richmond. Dissatisfied with the standard bugle call, Butterfield reworked the bugle call used to signal the end of the day. Not long after, it was played for the first time at a military funeral, for a Union soldier killed in action. The commanding officer (Captain John Tidball) felt, when on the front-lines, it would be safer to sound Taps, than fire off the traditional three-volley salute over the soldier’s grave.

Ø  Prior to Butterfield’s bugle call, the lights-out call was followed by three drum beats, originally dubbed the “Drum Taps,” than “The Taps” and then simply “Taps.” When Butterfield’s call replaced the drum beats, soldiers unofficial dubbed it their “Taps.” Butterfield’s bugle call was officially known as “Extinguish Lights” in American military manuals until 1891. Since that time, “Taps” also has been a formally recognized part of U.S. military funerals.

Ø  Today at Berkeley Plantation, the historic estate located at Harrison’s Landing, there’s a monument commemorating the origins of “Taps” at the site. Berkeley Plantation also happens to be the birthplace of Benjamin Harrison V, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, and William Henry Harrison, the nation’s ninth president.


Words to Taps (Note: There ere are no "official" words to Taps below are the most popular.)

Day is done,

Gone the sun,

From the hills,

From the lake,

From the skies.

All is well,

Safely rest,

God is nigh


Go to sleep,

Peaceful sleep,

May the soldier

Or sailor,

God keep.

On the land

Or the deep,

Safe in sleep.


Love, good night,

Must thou go,

When the day,

And the night

Need Thee so?

All is well.

Speedeth all

To their rest.


Fades the light;

And afar

Goeth day,

And the stars

Shineth bright,

Fare thee well,

Day has gone,

Night is on.

Thanks and praise,

For our days.

'Neath the sun,

'Neath the stars,

'Neath the sky,

As we go,

This we know,

God is nigh.



 Attention Door County students heading for Washington DC to visit The Wall!

Thank you for stopping at the Wall for all of us who've yet to make the trip!        

Whether you make it to the Wall during this trip, or not, isn’t what’s most important. What’s most important, is you travel safe and know, when you take the time to visit any of our nation's war memorials, you're helping us all to heal, from the loss of lives we suffered securing our freedom, defending our homeland, and preserving our liberty for generations yet to come. 

I've put together a short tutorial, that highlights what's being taught to law enforcement officers, fire fighters, and emergency government personnel (EMTs) around the world. It's a short course in what you can do, before you leave Door County, so you're prepared to act, if and when, you're confronted by a sudden and unexpected, life threatening event. You'll learn how to "take command" and lead your fellow students out of harm's way.

You'll learn what to look for, and what to do, and not do, during a mass evacuation, terrorist attack, bomb threat, major fire, or traffic accident. Equally important, you'll learn how to stay connected to your home base in Door County throughout your trip, and how to muster our entire county to your rescue anytime you find yourselves in harm's way.

God Bless!

  • Don't forget to say your prayers! Have fun, travel safe, and we look forward to welcoming you all back home, safe and sound!

Richard Woldt - Army, Vietnam 1968 - 1970! 


We have you covered!

You’re ready to roll, when you can answer 7 of the following 10 questions correctly:


1.      Will you have a cell phone and know how to text, make calls, and take pictures?

2.      Will you be wearing your school colors, so you’ll be recognized in a crowd?

3.      Will you be carrying a concealed $20 McDonald’s gift card, so we can track you down if you’re abducted or get lost? 

4.      Will you be carrying a $5 McDonald’s “throw-down” gift card, and know how to use it?

5.      Will you be properly “logged-in” to the fieldtrip?

6.      Will you have your emergency medical records in a sealed, signed, and dated business envelop, secured in your Principal’s office?

7.      Have you updated all your “ICE” numbers in your cell phone?

8.      Have you completed your Incident Command System (ICS) basic training?

9.      Have you been trained to recognize and deal with a victim suffering from a PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)?

10.   In a large crowd and you’re confused, will you be able to find your way back to your bus, parking ramp, or the the right side of the shopping mall?

Extra credit questions: Are you more than familiar with the Incident Command System (ICS)? Have you ever wondered, why they’ll send a ladder truck to a car fire, why they’ll send two squad cars to a fender-bender, or why they’ll send an ambulance north from Sturgeon Bay, when there’s one already at the scene in Sister Bay?

Answers: Ladder trucks have everything onboard that might be needed as “scope-creep” kicks in and the “incident” spreads out of control. One squad will hang far back to warn approaching vehicles to slow down before they reach the disabled vehicles. They send a back-up ambulance north, so If another call comes in up north, they’ll have one standing ready to respond.  

Please click here for a short (9 page) tutorial. You'll be glad you did.

We'll look forward to your safe return from our nation's capital and our Vietnam War Memorial (The Wall!).


There's been a lot of anger brewing over those who refuse to pledge their allegiance to our country or stand and take part in our time honored and traditional salute to our flag. While the vast majority of Americans consider their actions a slap-in-the-face to our veterans, we live in a free county, and there's not much we can do.

Wait! Let's take a lesson from the "No NFL Football Sunday" and simply turn our backs on them and move on. That's my advice. Take it or leave it. It's a free country.  

Are you wondering when and how to display our flag?

Click here! or go to:  http://www.senate.gov/reference/resources/pdf/RL30243.pdf

Door County Veterans! Let me have your attention!

Mission Statement

Every county in the USA has a "County Veteran's Service Officer (CVSO) standing mission ready to respond to the needs of veterans in their respective county.

and answer Under the direction  our County Veteran Service Officer, we will recruit all veterans living or working in Door County to join the VFW, American Legion, AMVET, and/or Marine Corp League Post nearest their residence with a special effort to enlist veterans coming off active duty.

Note: All Door County veteran posts are in desperate need of members to support our military honors program at funerals, fundraising for needy vets, scholarship programs, etc. We have an increasing number of veterans coming off active duty suffering with war wounds, PTSD, unemployment, and family stress brought on by multiple deployments. 

We will launch a basic training initiative to ensure all Door County veterans are familiar with Incident Command System and stand mission ready to join a "Unified" command when the scope of a natural disaster or terrorist attack overwhelms, or it's duration exhausts our public sector response asset.


Note: Veterans organizations are well position to respond to the hierarchy of victim needs. The ICS is required training for all Wisconsin law enforcement, fire fighters, and emergency government. It's used by all Wisconsin' Homeland Security Public-to-Private Partnerships and private sector volunteer organizations such as the Red Cross, Salvation Army, etc. Go to www.Cops007.com for more information.


Thanks to all advocates who joined the fight! The Senate passed S. 210 , the Stolen Valor Act last night. Below is the link to the new alert and a letter you can send to thank your Senators. We were able to get through to all 100 Senate offices!  Kudos!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day! 




  Dateline July 4, 2011:  Thank you for the crowd's salute to veterans during the Egg Harbor 4th of July parade. Vietnam vets on motorcycles fell in to follow the AMVET float at the front and than circled to the back and surrounded our "Woldt's In-Town Farmette" float honoring Dan Phister, Randy Wagner, David Schaefer, Richard Perez, and Philip Overbeck; the 5 Vietnam vets from Door County killed in action during the Vietnam War. 


While I started alone, I hadn't gone a 100 yards before I was surrounded by vets on motorcycles and walking. When my tractor stopped running, (ironically 5 times during the parade), vets pushed my float through town and up the hill to U.S. Army Corporal Randy Wagner's gravesite. Randy was killed 17 days after I landed in country on November 27, 1968. 

Eyes right and page down for a KIA briefing on five of Door County's finest. 

Click here a song for the wall!


Their motto?  I've Got Your Back!

Their guard dog road point!.



Door County Operatins

LZ "Landing Zone" Lambeau was an awesome success!  Go to www.LZLambeau.org for details.

Page down for a tribute to others...

Dan L. Pfister

Sfc. U. S. Army - Medic

Sturgeon Bay,

KIA June 18, 1968

Panel 56W line 26

RIP Bayside Cemetery

Randy W. Wagner

Corporal U.S. Army

Egg Harbor,

KIA 11/27/1968

Panel 38W line 80

RIP Egg Harbor Cemetery

David R. Schaefer

Sergeant U.S. Army

Sturgeon Bay

KIA May 1, 1969

Panel 26W line 94

RIP St P&P Institute

Richard E. Perez

Lance Corporal USMC

Washington Island

KIA September 6, 1969

Panel 18W line 49

RIP Island Cemetery

Philip M. Overbeck

1st Lieutenant US Army

Sturgeon Bay

KIA June 10, 1970

Panel 09W line 40

RIP Bayside Cemetery

In 'Nam we seldom had a day without rain so riding wet with Rolling Thunder's 1244 or Door County's "Rubber hits the Road" only brought back memories of drying out before moving out! Don't miss our www.youtube.com video shot while our ride paused at Door County's Fallen Heroes Memorial in Sturgeon Bay.
Door County OperatinsOur primary mission was to safely deploy 5 Honor Riders with Rolling Thunder's 1244 riding out of La Crosse to LZ Lambeau while at the same time deploying 5 from KIA gravesites in Door County to LZ Lambeau on Friday, May 21, 2010. The 1244 represent the number of Wisconsin solders killed in action, missing in action, or who were prisoners during the Vietnam War. All Door County riders made it safely to LZ Lambeau. Two of Rolling Thunder's riders went down in the rain on the way to La Crosse suffering only minor injuries. Three went down in the rain during the first deployment sending one to the hospital, and one went down later in the day suffering minor injuries but totaling his bike. The FAA grounded the chopper planning to fly over the 1244. 
Door County OperatinsOur primary mission was to guard the Moving WALL while landing Door County Vietnam vets with KIA family members safely on the ground at LZ Lambeau Saturday May 22, 2010. We all landed safely in-country!

We answered roll-call, signing a parking lot size map of South Vietnam!



We reconnected with comrades and shared "war stories" and common experiences!

We hugged, saluted, and prayed with "Golden" Mothers!

Golden Mothers are the mothers of solders on the WALL!

Washington Islanders paused from coast to coast on the Island, organized a special service at Door County's Fallen Heroes Memorial, and reflected at the Moving WALL in honor of their fallen USMC Lance Corporal Richard E. Perez. Rick was scheduled to leave for home on September 22  when he was killed by a fragmentation grenade in Quang Nam province on September 6, 1969; sixteen days before he would have safely landed home on the Island. (Pictures by Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel photographer Ron Overdahl) Click here and check out Commander Richard Purinton's blog.




Click here and view  "Door County Veterans' Welcome Home" and    "Over Door County - Under God" videos!

Rolling Thunder escorted the Moving WALL out of town Monday morning, May 24, 2010  

Pioneer 1 packed up and moved out at high noon!

We salute our fellow veterans and applaud Door County residents for their heart warming "welcome home" and shouts of support as our Ride-for-Five wound through Door County on its way to LZ Lambeau. We cried and beamed with pride along the way! We'll never forget your signs, banners, and shouts of encouragement. Almost everyone on our "Ride-for-Five" out of Door County and our ride for 1244 out of La Crosse reported crying as they realized the welcome they knew was there but had never really felt.

I guarantee We'll never forget our welcome home.    Rich Woldt 68 - 70

Door County Operatins   Life Safety had to come first! Our only mission glitch came when the threat of rain forced us to deploy early from Northport. With two bikers, not ours, already down in the rain on their way to La Crosse, another three down in the first wave out of La Crosse, it starting to rain in Green Bay, was sprinkling in Sturgeon Bay, I made the call to deploy the moment the ferry docked in Northport in order to reach at least Sturgeon Bay on dry roads. Staging area #2 deployment went better than expected so we were past Gibraltar High School before students had time to fall out and form a flag line. Note: I posted an apology to the school the moment I realized they hadn't heard our passing sirens.

Our early deployment was entirely for safety reasons. At 4 a.m. I had learned it was pouring rain in La Crosse and two bikers had gone down in the rain on the way to La Crosse, suffering minor injuries. At 5:30 I learned our riders were standing mission ready in the rain. They were OK but had already needed one first aid kit, and had lost one flasher in the rain. at 6:30 I learned three bikers had gone down in the first wave with one taken to the hospital and one bike said to be totaled. Knowing it was already raining in Green Bay and sprinkling in Sturgeon Bay, I made the call to mount-up and move-out the moment the ferry landed at Northport.


Vietnam Vets across the state thank NEWBA's President Owen "OB1" Bergwin for his support and dedication throughout the LZ Lambeau planning year.

OB1 rode with Rolling Thunders' 1244 soaked to the bone in the second wave out of La Crosse. He worked in the Rolling Thunders' food stand, attended countless meetings, and stood with us at every turn. Thanks OB1! You're a friend of veterans around the world. Any single women vacationing in Door County would be wise to have you as an escort.



and THANK YOU Fingers for riding with the 1244 and so much more!


THANK YOU Honor Riders!

Vietnam Vets were proud to ride with members of the                     TITAN MC and Door Devil Motorcycle Clubs,

Door County's "Ride for Five" with Rolling Thunder's 1244 was ridden by Owen "OB1" Burgwin for Richard Perez, Eric Peil for Dan Phister, Joe Rockwell for David Schaefer, Karen "Finger" Nicholson for Phil Overbeck, and Michael "Saint Michael" Burgwin for Randy Wagner.

Door County's "Ride for Five" was lead by Emmett VanGorver riding for Randy Wagner, Ken Suess for Dan Phister, Tim Gauthier for Richard Perez, Joe Stich for Dave Schaefer and Frank Mack riding for Phil Overbeck.

.... and with Rolling Thunder, Patriot Guard, Warriors' Watch and clubs too many to mention...  

    Rolling Thunder www.rollingthunderwi3.org

Patriot Guard www.patriotguard.org

Warriors' Watch Riders www.warriorswatch.org

Our perimeter was secure!

 Vietnam vets thank our Door Co. Business Community:

Motor Pool - Fuel & Medical Supply Depots

During "Rubber hits the Road" managers at all refueling depots carried the rank of "Full Bull!"

U.S. Hwy 57

AL Post 527 Tom Kowalski

Staging Area # 2

Ken Gobel - US Navy

Staging Area # 3

BP' Diane Hank & Shell' Lisa Anschutz

Motor Pool:

Viking Grill Owner/CEO

Dan Peterson Commanding

Medical Supply Depot

Bay Pharmacies Inc.


Thomas Voegele Commanding

Medical Supply Depot

Pamida  Pharmacy


Jim Thomas Commanding


Vietnam vets send a special THANK YOU to Pioneer Credit Union's CEO Tom Young, Wisconsin credit union chapter leaders, the Wisconsin Credit Union League, and members of the World Council of Credit Unions for their financial council and liquidity management support offered honor riders traveling to LZ Lambeau from across the country and around the world.

Wisconsin Credit Unions resupplied our M.P.C and Green Backs?


We enlisted the support of the world credit union movement. FYI: The Door County Community Credit Union, organized in Egg Harbor, Wisconsin is now a branch of the Pioneer Credit Union located two blocks due south of LZ Lambeau. Pioneer CU joined our "Unified" command to mentor our Chiefs of Finance. This helped ensure all internationally recommended internal, audit, and collection control procedures were followed. They also consulted on security and safety with our Planning, Operation, and Logistic Chiefs.


Thank you "Lambeau Credit Union" in Tobago, West Indies. We salute them from "Lambeau Field" the home of the World Champion Green Bay Packers! My promise made - is a promise kept!     Rich Woldt  


Thank you International Credit Union Risk Managers in Scotland, Ireland, England, Poland, Jamaica, South Korea and beyond... for observing and benchmarking our ability to move a segment of our population out of harms way when faced with a natural disaster, terrorist attack, or pandemic requiring a mass evacuation or the need to segment our population.


Veterans once again thank McDonalds and Walmart for the gift cards and their help to field test our mass-evacuation tracking protocols. 

Both honor rides were used to field test "private sector" mass-evacuation protocols that would be used during a natural disaster, pandemic, terrorist attack, or large scale community crisis whose scope overwhelms or whose duration exhausts public sector response assets.   

  • Donations: After expenses, ALL profits from Door County Veteran' Operations go to replenish supply lines used to support Door County veterans throughout the year. Check donations replenish a fund administered by our CVSO while food, fuel, and pharmacy debit cards not used during operation "Rubber hits the Road" will be used to transport vets to doctors, hospitals, and treatment facilities. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE.
To support Door County's Operation "Rubber hits the Road," make check payable to "Rubber hits the Road" and mail it to: R&R, 6419 Barrick Road, Sturgeon Bay WI 54235.
Sunday:   Operation "Over Door County and Under GOD" was a ecumenical kite flying celebration of our religious traditions and Christian heritage. Five kites bearing the picture and panel patch of our 5 KIAs were launched with a brigade of kites from Hansen's Century Farm across Hwy 42/57 from Shepherd of the Bay Lutheran Church (11836 Hwy 42) just south of Ellison Bay. 

Click here and view  "Door County Veterans' Welcome Home" and    "Over Door County - Under God" videos!


All Door County veteran organizations are in dire need of members. We're finding it increasingly difficult to find vets healthy and able to march in parades or take part in fundraisers and honor guards at funerals.

"Please encourage all vet's to join and support a veteran organization near their home!"

As always, let your voice be heard!

Thank You Senator Ron Johnson and Congressman Reed Ribble for helping to defeat the Coburn' Amendment #564. Considering Tom Coburn is a fellow Republican I think he deserves a trip to the Wisconsin woodshed. We salute the Door County's VFW, American Legion, AMVET Posts and Marine Corp League taking part in "Operation Kill the Coburn' Amendment #564." While we won this skirmish Click here, the budget war and battle with those who consider Jane Fonda someone to admire has just begun. Note AARP's pro Jane Fonda article in their November publication. I'm cancelling my membership, insurance, and support of AARP at the end of my current enrollment.

Click here to contact your State Legislators. Click here to contact the U.S. House of Representatives. Click here to contact the U.S. Senate. And click here to contact your Door County CVSO and join your hometown post.

Action requested!  Contact your U.S. Senators and tell them Senator Tom Coburn's (R-Oklahoma) Amendment #564 to H.R. 2055 is a deal breaker with Vietnam Vets.

FYI: Coburn wants to change the manner in which presumptive disabilities related to Agent Orange exposure are determined. He wants us to again prove the positive connection between exposure to Agent Orange and the 15 presumptive illnesses that have already been recognized by the VA. We need to fight Coburn and his amendment #564 as we fought through Agent Orange to knock out Charlie sympathizers hiding behind their desks in Washington.

We can not allow this amendment to pass. For decades we fought to convince Washington that exposure to Agent Orange was killing our troops. Now that the VA Secretary has the scientific proof we need to guard against guys like Coburn pulling the rug out from under us in an effort to balance their budget. Not on our watch!

Effective 1-1-11... I'll use this and my post website www.VFWPost8337.com to promote "private sector" Homeland Security response protocols taught through my Risk Management Learning Center and RMLC Graduate School. (learn more).  


   May 2010: Thank You Wisconsin & Door County

for a great...

"Vietnam Veteran' Welcome Home!"

A special thank you to LZ Lambeau organizers and Rolling Thunder!                                                            Rich Woldt Past Commander - Chaplain VFW Post 8337

Note: This site is a Homeland Security R&D site managed by faculty from my Risk Management Learning Center at www.RMLearningCenter.com. Go there for "Rubber-Hits-the-Road", "Boot-on-the-Ground", and "Over Door County - Under God" debriefings, security best practices learned during LZ Lambeau, Incident Command System (ICS) updates, as well as mass-evacuation protocol changes made after LZ Lambeau.

Field Tests: The 1244 and Door County memorial rides were used to field test RMLC' recommended Emergency Operation Center (EOC), Staging Area (SA), as well as mass-evacuation, troop safety, and supply line security protocols recommended during a large scale community crisis such as a terrorist attack, natural disaster, or pandemic.  

Risk Management Learning Center - Veteran Basic Training

Since 9-11-01...this site has been used develop "private sector" emergency response protocols Page down... for highlights of 2010. (learn more).

Click here and view  "Door County Veterans' Welcome Home" and "Over Door County - Under God" videos!

Click here to view other LZ Lambeau Videos:

Homeland Security and CU Risk Managers: Click here to upload our mission incident reports. I will file all R&D papers in our RMLC library at www.RMLearningCenter.com  Click here for a Poster for honor riders.   To safely land at LZ Rich Woldt go to www.RichWoldt.com


It's time to fight back!

When terrorist are asked, "Should the US expect another 9-11-01 type attack? They respond, "Why should we take down a tiger when we have so many willing sheep waiting to be slaughtered!" They refer to our Commander-in-Chief as "The Sheppard" leading his sheep to slaughter.

Click here: His actions speak louder than his words.

As our Federal government drives us deeper in debt to Communist China, bows to Russia's demands to reduce our nuclear defense, downsizes our navy, issues "stand-down" orders when our troops are under attack, and subjects our right to bear arms to a UN vote, it's time we reclaim our State' sovereignty. It's time we rebuild our Homeland Security one county at a time.

From this moment forward, we're no longer labeled Democrat, Republican, or Independent or willing to be judged by our religion or color of our skin, we're all Americans ready to reclaim our religious freedom, rebuild our military defense, and stand mission ready to protect and defend our homeland.

Door County Veteran' Mission Statement:

Under the direction and control of our County Veteran Service Officer, we will recruit all veterans living or working in Door County to join the VFW, American Legion, AMVET, and/or Marine Corp League Post nearest their residence with a special effort to enlist veterans coming off active duty.

Note: All Door County veteran posts are in desperate need of members to support our military honors program at funerals, fundraising for needy vets, scholarship programs, etc. We have an increasing number of veterans coming off active duty suffering with war wounds, PTSD, unemployment, and family stress brought on by multiple deployments. 

We will launch a basic training initiative to ensure all Door County veterans are familiar with Incident Command System and stand mission ready to join a "Unified" command when the scope of a natural disaster or terrorist attack overwhelms, or it's duration exhausts our public sector response asset.


Note: Veterans organizations are well position to respond to the hierarchy of victim needs. The ICS is required training for all Wisconsin law enforcement, fire fighters, and emergency government. It's used by all Wisconsin' Homeland Security Public-to-Private Partnerships and private sector volunteer organizations such as the Red Cross, Salvation Army, etc. Go to www.Cops007.com for more information.


Thanks to all advocates who joined the fight! The Senate passed S. 210 , the Stolen Valor Act last night. Below is the link to the new alert and a letter you can send to thank your Senators. We were able to get through to all 100 Senate offices!  Kudos!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day! 


As veterans we vowed to stand mission ready! Are we?

While Obama' telegraphs our withdrawal from combat, downsizes our military, uses sequestration to score political points, fails to secure our borders while selling guns to Mexican drug lords, opens the boarder to aliens, gives high-tech tanks and fighter jets to Egypt knowing full well their President Mohamed Morsi considers Israeli' Jewish descendents blood-suckers, apes, and pigs; as he fails to protect and defend our embassies while negotiating away our nuclear defense shields in Europe and Asia, and offers the UN a voice in our troop deployments; as he fails to recognize domestic terrorists are using social media to recruit our youth, his expressed opinion that the war on terror has been won, and now his anger toward law abiding citizens who are fighting to stop his efforts to disarm America, has only emboldened our enemies and sent a message to our allies that we can't be trusted.

Under Obama's watch it's only a matter of time before domestic terrorist strike with impunity. As veterans, we'll be called once again to protect and defend our constitution and our country.

Is anyone watching? Is history repeating itself?

Click here!

And now according to the Wall Street Journal (2/1/2013), "Every one of the main claims made by Obama-Care is turning out to be false." Taxes are going up, healthcare cost will double, 85% of doctors plan not to accept Medicare as payment in full, and the shortage of doctors is getting worse. It's time to wake up.

It's time; no it's past time for us to circle our wagons, take up arms and stand mission ready to protect and defend our homeland.  Like all internationally known tourist destinations, Door County affords terrorists their five top target characteristics. 

  1. A high first strike body count to inflict maximum trauma across international boundaries.
  2. Vulnerable mass-evacuation routes providing terrorists secondary targets and strike opportunities. 
  3. Vulnerable communication links and infrastructure assets that if neutralized would isolate Door County.   .
  4. We have in-place mass media assets to neutralize or commandeered and used to their advantage.   
  5. We have limited public sector first-response assets guarding a pre-softened population.

Door County is a sitting target. We need veterans both on active duty and those return from active duty to immediately join a veteran organization nearest their home. Door County veterans need to be constantly briefed on the most current military training and latest military strategies tested in Iraq and Afganistan.

Vote to protect "Medals of Honor" Click here


Rich Woldt Republican & Lee Patza Democrat

"Don't tell us you can't end the political bickering!"

Cousins: Although we on opposite ends of the political spectrum, we're both "American" Vietnam Vets, proud members of VFW Post 8337, and stand mission ready to fight for our freedom and defend our homeland!

HQ Military Assistance Command Vietnam (MACVn)

January 11, 1969

"Door County had 5 solders killed in action during the Vietnam War"

Randy Wagner, Lee Patza and I left Egg Harbor about the same time. Lee landed in Vietnam March 23, 1968, Randy on September 11, 1968 and I landed on November 10, 1968. Randy was killed by a demolition bomb on November 11, 1968 the day after I landed at Long Bien Ben Hue.

David Schaefer, son of Roy and Helen (Rohr) Schaefer, Sturgeon Bay, landed in the Mekong Delta as part of the Ninth Infantry Division on March 1, 1969 and was killed 61 days later on May 1, 1969; leaving three brothers; Steve, Rick and Mark and paternal grandmother, Nellie Schaefer behind. I remember hanging out with David at his family's Shell Station on Jefferson where he spent many hours working on his '62Corvair. 

Sergeant Schaefer was awarded several medals posthumously for valor in combat. The Silver Star with 1st Oak Leaf Cluster. The first was for picking up an armed Vietcong grenade from beneath a wounded soldier and hurling it away, where it exploded shortly thereafter. The second was for courageously leading an attack against a Vietcong bunker where he took machine gun fire that cost him his life. Also awarded were the Bronze Star and Bronze Star first Oak Leaf Cluster for meritorious achievement while participating in sustained aerial flight in support of combat forces and the Purple Heart.    

Rick Perez, Washington Island,  was scheduled to leave for home on September 22  (we called it  "DEROS" to "CONUS" or "Date Expected to Return from Overseas to Continental United States"). He was killed by a fragmentation grenade in Quang Nam province on September 6, 1969; sixteen days before he would have safely landed at home on the Island.   

Dan Pfister, born in Jacksonport, had been in the Army since 1955. He was the oldest and first Door County vet to be killed in Vietnam.  Dan and I were attached to the same MACVn command.  We called him a "Brown Boot" because once you're in Nam for over a week you're boots are red-brown from the mud in the rivers. Dan was a medic on an operation out of Binh Thuan when he was first listed as  MIA but than the same day (June 18, 1968), his body was recovered and he was official reported as Killed in Action.

Philip Overbeck, Son of Henry and Thea, brother of William and Charles and Michael and Margi and Elizabeth and Jennifer; a 1965 graduate of Sturgeon Bay High School, was the fifth and last Door County vet to be Killed in Action on June 10. 1970. Phil was a paratrooper serving with the 173 Airborne Brigade, Company B-4, 503 Infantry when he was killed by an explosive device while on an operation out of Binh Dinh.  Phil's brothers William and Charles are both Vietnam vets. 

Lee landed safely back in the U.S. February 9, 1969. I was scheduled to go home November 10, 1968 but extended my tour to get the --- who killed Randy. I landed back in the U.S. January 10, 1970.


Door County' Veteran Operations

Would not have been possible without the hard work and support of so many over the past year. Following are just a few critical liaisons.

From Door County's Veteran Service Office
From Iraq
From 1st Sergeant Thomas Blohowiak and his 372 Engineer Company...
and VFW District 8 Commander Steve Conto
with the 372 Engineer Co. (VERT)
The line at the WALL ran through LZ Lambeau.
Panel Patches by: Woody West
From Wisconsin National Guard and             Emergency Management
From Wisconsin Department of Homeland Security
From leaders of the World Credit Union Movement

From Lambeau Credit Union in Tobago

From Door County's Sheriff and our local and State Emergency Management
From bikers across the State
From front-line firefighters
From LZ Lambeau planners and organizers

From fellow bikers across the US

From Northeast Wisconsin Bikers Association Members

From Door County Motorcycle Clubs
From local radio stations
From my fellow VFW Post 8337 members

From the Door Devils of Door County!

They're covering our back!

Door Devil rider Emmitt's sister-in-law was engaged to Randy when he deployed to Nam. Randy was killed the day after I landed in country.

LZ Lambeau vets will be flying Vietnam era aircraft!

We'll be building ramps for the wall the week before!

Flyovers were friendly!

We're bonded through generations of military service

We'll never be caught off guard again!
Choppers provided LZ Lambeau air cover!
Door County Honor Riders answered roll-call well trained, properly equipped, and mission ready to roll!
Disclaimer: As Nixon would say, I want it made it "perfectly clear" that operations launched from this site are by one old Vietnam Vet who's only interested in putting back together the lives of his comrades who've been wounded too often by politicians more interested in their re-election than standing up for the Christian principals on which our country has been built. 

If my lack of tact or unconventional tactics offend you, I apologize. It is precisely because of my passion at times that I must clearly state so there can be no misunderstanding; "I do not in any way, shape, form, or fashion represent any veteran post of which I'm a member, nor do I represent any credit union or credit union affiliate for whom I've been privileged to work"  If you or any of your associates chose to follow any of my recommendations or adopt any of my protocols, you do it at your own risk. Now that that has been said, Let us proceed full speed ahead and damn the torpedoes!

Rich Woldt - Proud Army Strong Vietnam Vet



As each deployment started so it closed with a prayer to our "Eternal God!" 


Prayer: Eternal God!

Written by: Pastor Roger Falk

AMVET Post 51

Prayed Graveside:  0600 Hours May 21, 2010

Eternal God, Supreme Commander of us all, Lord of the far-flung battle line, to whom all ranks of life report, we bow before you with reverent hearts and in sublime faith, knowing that you lead us on in death as you do in life.

Once again you ordered servants of our country to lay down their arms and dwell forever with the unnumbered multitude. Mindful of service nobly done, you have called them to everlasting rest. You have sealed their lips. You have called them to eternal peace.

Hear now the sorrows of those who mourn. Touch their tired hearts with healing. Protect them with your holy care. Keep clean and bright in memory the splendid flame that now has flickered out!  Shelter us with your divine compassion. Join us with those whose daily lives are an offering to duty and their native land. Inspire us by their example that we may die worthy of like service. We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ who gave his life as a sacrifice for all mankind. Amen.


For once I have to come to President Obama's defense. He doesn't deserve the heat he's taking over the change in funeral protocol that replaces "On behalf of the President" with "On behalf of the  "Secretary of Defense" Click here and you make the call.

But I will not cut him any slack for his apology to Afghanistan's President Karzai when our troops unintentionally burned copies of the Koran.

Click here for an apology that's more to my liking.