Door County Veterans Mobilize to Honor Fallen Heros!

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The Bucket Brigade during the Egg Harbor Business Association's Pumpkin Patch Festival 2006 is under the command of American Legion Post 527. Their ice cream stand located near the BP gas station will be the command post under the command of Tom Kowalski - Post Commander. If a "Unified Command " is ordered, the EHBA Information Booth (located next to the Post Office) will act as our EOC.

If a "Unified" command is ordered, click here for reporting and ICS duty assignments.....

You can't pacify a terrorist!"

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Click here if a "Unified" command is ordered!



During Operation  Pumpkin Patch, Door County veterans partnered with the Egg Harbor Business Association to raise money for the Veterans Memorial being built to honor over 159 Door County Veterans killed in action or dieing from wounds incurred while on active duty.  Click here for a report from Company A - B - C - D - E and  F!


The incident is Pumpkin Patch, the mission is to deploy buckets and collect donations for the Veteran's Memorial
American Legion Post 527 will be running their ice cream stand next to the BP gas station, therefore their Post Commander Tom Kowalski is the initial "Incident Commander (IC)" for Operation Bucket Brigade and for any unexpected incident that might occure during the Pumpkin Patch weekend. The IC will designate a "Saftey Officer," an "Information Officer," and a "Liaison Officer" as well as a Command Staff to include an Operations Chief, Planning Chief, Logistics Chief, and Finance Chief. *Click here for an IC tutorial!  
The Safety Officer monitors all personnel reporting for duty to ensure they are properly dressed and equipped to perform their duties, the work area is safe and secure, and all personnel are briefed and made mission ready. This specifically includes providing training and directions to those handling food or serving alcoholic beverages.



Door County veterans have launched a "bucket brigade" focused on collecting donations for the "Veteran' Memorial" being built in Sturgeon Bay. This memorial will honor over 159 Door County veterans who were killed while on active duty or died due to injuries received while on active duty.

This summer, Door County veterans from every Post formed a "bucket brigade" and placed collection buckets throughout the county. This "bucket brigade" will continue through November with Special Operations planned for Pumpkin Patch Festival in Egg Harbor October 6-8 and Fall Festival in Sister Bay, October 13 - 15.

During Pumpkin Patch the mobile unit display will be located in the village park near the American Legion Post 527 ice cream stand. Over 50 buckets will be deployed throughout Egg Harbor and veterans will be volunteering their time to help the Egg Harbor Business Association serve the public. If you have time to help, please sign in at the EHBA' brat stand in the park. It's important to sign in so you'll be covered by a village Workers Compensation/Liability policy as a volunteer. When you sign put down "veteran" and your post so your post receives credit for you community service.

If you can help during Pumpkin Patch, click here to let us know!

Click here to tell us about yourself and service!


Terry MacDonald Veteran Council  AMVET Post 53

David Neidswicki AMVET Post 51        VFW Post 8337


VFW Posts #8337 Liberty Grove, #9290 Fish Creek, and #3088 Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin
AMVET Post #51 Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin
American Legion Post #527 Sister Bay, #72 Sturgeon Bay, #372 Maplewood, and #402 Washington Island, Wisconsin
Marine Corp League Sturgeon Bay, WI

Supporting our troops on active duty...  "Take the battle to their camp, knock out their position, cut their supply lines, and we'll win the war!"

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