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Will be used to manage all VFW Post 8337 business, private-sector ICS training, conduct veteran' R&D projects, and teach private sector emergency response testing protocols. This site will house R&D files, white papers, and pdf files.

This site will be parked until further notice. I recommend veterans who do not have access to the VFW web network use the County Veteran Services Officer' site and the National sites provided by their branch of service. Go to www.DoorCountyVeterans.com for more information.

There are also a number of links to Door County Public sector sites in the blue section at the top of this page. Veterans should become familiar with each of these sites. They provide focused and critical HLS support.

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We have built and will continue to foster joint commands at every level of our military from fellow Post commanders through our State National Guard and Coast Guard to our Commander in Chief!


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Benefits from this project include:

To ensure a coordinated response during the next terrorist attack, natural or man-made disaster, pandemic, or large scale community crisis, we adopted the Incident Command System (ICS) to the private sector and adopted NIMS as a private sector emergency response vocabulary. 

To improve communications we created a network of public/private sector liaisons capable of 24/7 "closed-loop" secured communications, and flexible enough to adjust to any and all  unified command structures.

To better support public sector first responders when the incident scope overwhelms their ability to respond or incident scope creep exhausts their response and recovery assets, we created private sector supply lines to reinforce both public sector personnel and their response/recovery assets.

To reduce confusion and improve communications during the next crisis, we've improved private sector EOC and Staging area floor plans, simplified private sector incident plan writing, introduced GPS into private sector logistics, established standard claims settlement and claims adjusting procedures for the private sector Incident Command - Chief of Finance.

Last but not least; to ensure every man, women, and child in the private sector is on-board before the next terrorist attack, natural or man-made disaster, pandemic, or large scale community crisis, we developed a series of private sector "basic training" tutorials field tests to benchmark the private sector's readiness to respond.

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Richard A. "Rich" Woldt - Commander VFW Post 8337

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Commander Richard A. Woldt - Army Vietnam
Chief of Staff - Carl T. Carlson - Marine Vietnam
Commander Richard Woldt and members of Liberty Grove VFW Post 8337 salute their retiring Post  Commander Carl T. Carlson and his staff for their leadership, dedication to duty and community service during the past year.
Click here for a log of Officers, Command Staff, Trustees, and committee' leadership for next year.  .
VFW District 8 Commander Bruce Sorenson assisted in swearing in next years officers and staff:! Bruce is a member of Duck Creek Post
Mission Accomplished:

Please read before using this site!

This web site was launched as part of a Department of Homeland Security R&D project focused on building more effective and efficient "public-to-private" partnerships in the war on terrorism. To conform with HLS public sector' dictates, the Incident Command System (ICS) was adopted as the incident  management system to be taught in the U.S. private sector and NIMS terminology was adopted as the incident management vocabulary. For this web site, Public sector law enforcement was represented by Wisconsin's County Sheriffs and Sheriff's associations, Wisconsin's Chiefs of Police and Chiefs of Police associations. The Wisconsin National Guard and all US military personnel mentored by Major General (Retired) Al Wilkening appointed by Governor Jim Doyle to lead the States citizen and volunteer emergency preparedness efforts and Brigadier General Donald P. Dunbar, Adjutant General of Wisconsin (effective 9-1-07). General Dunbar is responsible for the federal and state missions of the Wisconsin National Guard and the Wisconsin Division of Emergency Government. He is also the governor's Homeland Security Advisor and chairs the governor's Homeland Security Council. Specific to this web site study only, public sector emergency management was represented by public sector personnel under the direction and control of Johnnie Smith the Director of Wisconsin Emergency Management. That did includ all Wisconsin Fire Chiefs and Emergency Metical Technicians (EMTs,) hospital and Department of Health and Social service agencies and their "professional" associations.

It is critically important to underscore that at no time did this study judge or criticize the performance, training, or dedication of an individual or department representing the public sector. To avoid bias, all public sector employees studied were given a coded number so only by having access to our key-codes would researchers know the identify if those being critiqued. In addition, this study involved over 300 counties/parishes in the US so the impact Door County's public sector statistically had on project conclusions was negligible at best.  

The "Private Sector" represented in the study included credit unions belonging to WOCCU (The World Council of Credit Unions), chartered volunteer organizations and their respective U.S. State and Federal associations, US military veterans and their chartered posts, and chartered U.S. State and Federal veteran' associations.

From a world credit union standpoint, this study resulted in the "International Credit Union Risk Management" performance standards we teaching at www.RMLearningCenter.com and the emergency response and recovery protocols that will be taught through a "Basic Training" program under development at www.VFWPost8337.com

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