Veterans deploy under the same "Unified" Incident Commnad System (ICS) used by professional law enforcement, fire fighters, emergency government, and Homeland Security personnel.

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Army Navy Air Force Marines Coast Guard National Guard Disabled Vets
VFW Post #8337 Liberty Grove, WI VFW Post #9290 Fish Creek, WI VFW Post #3088 Sturgeon Bay, WI AMVET  Post #51  Sturgeon Bay, WI
Meeting times and dates as of 1-1-2010
AMVET Post 51 2nd and 4th Tuesday 1900 Hours (7:PM) Ladder House - Sturgeon Bay
AL Post 72 2nd Tuesday 1900 Hours (7PM)
AL Post 372 2nd Tuesday Maplewood Town Hall 1930 Hours (7:30PM)
AL Post 402 1st Thursday 1900 Hours (7PM) AL Hall Washington Island
AL Post 527 1st Monday Sister Bay Village Hall
VFW Post 3088 2nd Thursday 1930 Hours (7:30 PM) VFW Hall Sturgeon Bay
VFW Post 8337 1st Tuesday 1900 Hours (7PM) Liberty Grove Town Hall
VFW Post 9290 9290 1st Thursday 1300 Hours (1PM) Baileys Harbor Town Hall
Detachment 1130  Marine Corp League Four meetings per year as needed.


American Legion Posts #527  Sister Bay, WI American Legion Posts #72  Sturgeon Bay, WI
American Legion Posts #372 Maplewood, WI American Legion Posts #402 Washington Island, WI
Marine Corp League Sturgeon Bay, WI Disabled American Veterans (Post...
To learn why you should belong to one or more of our Door County veteran organizations, call our Veterans' Service Officer - Col. Scot McFarlane at 920-746-2225 or go our C.V.S.O. Website at:
There are four American Legion posts in Door County (Post 72 in Sturgeon Bay, Post 372 in Maplewood, Post 527 in Sister Bay, and Post 402 on Washington Island), three Veteran of Foreign War (VFW) posts (Liberty Grove Post 8337, Fish Creek Post 9290, and Sturgeon Bay post 3088), one AMVET Post 51 in Sturgeon Bay, one Marine Corp League Detachment 1130 in Sturgeon Bay and the Cooties Post 43 in Sturgeon Bay.
A three member "Veterans Commission" appointed by the Door County Board of Supervisors hires a "Veteran's Service Officer" to administer veterans affairs in Door County. There is also a "Veteran's Council" made up of two representatives from each post.
I will attempt to place a link to Post and League web sites as they're launched. At this time I recommend you go through the national web sites at the top of this page.
Rich Woldt - Past Commander and life time member of VFW Post 8337, Life time member of AMVET Post 51, and member of AL Post 527.
           All veteran organization Commanders should be familiar with the Incident Command System. It's now required teaching for all law enforcement, fire departments, and emergency government personnel.

Door County Veterans, many former fire fighters, law enforcement, and EMTs stand ready to deploy if professional first responders are overwhelmed, show signs of " burned out", mutual aid agreements are exhausted, or the incident' duration exceeds 14 days. DCVets deploy under the same Incident Command System (ICS) used by all US fire fighters, law enforcement, emergency government, and homeland security personnel. 

Return to Base-camp   Return to Headquarters Command   Reinforcements  

CIRT' field-training is conducted during major community events. Veteran' posts closest to "ground zero" or most involved in the event are used staffing Incident Command, Safety-Information-Liaison Officers, Chiefs of Operations - Planning - Logistics and Finance, and Staging Area Managers for Life Safety - Communications - Transportation/Housing in place, and Recovery - Reconstruction. Each training exercise begins with a potential "worst-case-scenario" and "mission statement." Follow are a few examples of training operations conducted during 2005 and 2006:   

Operation Bucket Brigade  Operation Pumpkin Patch  Operation Fall-Festival

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